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Day 10, Silver Leafed Wreath

Day 10

Silver Leafed Wreath


I was asked to take part in The Creative Collective Sweden's Holiday Countdown this year.

And as the good nordic boy I am I said yes.

This is my contribution, a beautiful wreath made of eucalyptus and silver leafing.

It's not only pretty to look at but smells wonderful.

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The Creative Collective Sweden is a group of like-minded creative bloggers in Sweden. Spanning design, crafts and DIY, interiors, food and baking, and lifestyle, the Creative Collective offers a uniquely Scandinavian aesthetic and point of view.

This is what you need to make the wreath

eucalyptus brances


metal ring

florist wire

glue stick

silver leafing

1.Start by cutting up the branches and turn it into smaller bouquets.

2.Fasten the florist wire to the metal ring and fasten one of the bouquets to the ring.

3.Continue with bouquets all around the wreath, one overlapping the other.

4.Once your wreath is done start applying glue to the leafs and cover with silver leafing.

Hang on wall or use on a table with candles.


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