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Sweet Paul's Day at the Organic Valley Half & Half Concept Store with 2 Iced Coffee Recipes!

I was so happy when my friends at Organic Valley invited me to host an event at the world's first organic Half & Half concept store!  The idea was to serve iced coffee and chat with one of Organic Valley's farmer-owners.  You guys know me, I had a few extra sweet tricks up my sleeve!

In order to make the world's best iced coffee, you need to start with with world's best organic Half & Half from Organic Valley... the rest is easy.... just add coffee!

I created two special iced coffee recipes for Organic Valley.  The first is a fruity blend of blueberry and rosemary, and the second is an exotically spiced Vietnamese iced coffee.

Get the Blueberry & Rosemary Iced Coffee recipe HERE

Get the Vietnamese Iced Coffee recipe HERE


I also designed two photo set-ups, one for each recipe.  Everybody who came into the shop to get a coffee had the opportunity to snap a photo of their coffee in my set!  It was so much fun!

My favorite part of the day was when I got to demo the iced coffees and talk with one of the REAL Organic Valley farmers!  Watch this video to see the full demo and Q&A!

What a fabulous and DELICIOUS day!


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