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Sweet Paul's Weekend Getaway to Nantucket!



I needed a getaway to soak up some summer sun, eat great food, and relax on the beach, and Nantucket proved the perfect destination! Up until this summer I had never been to Nantucket... and honestly... the name Nantucket itself sounds very odd to my Norwegian ears, I'm not gonna lie... up until this summer I didn't even know how to pronounce Nantucket!  I was so happy when my boyfriend James and our friends at Escape Brooklyn decided to spend a long weekend in a place I'd never visited!

Nantucket is a small island off the coast of Massachusetts. I'm a big fan of vacations in places where you need to take a ferry, so we were off to a good start! I soon learned that the name Nantucket is an Algonquin Indian word meaning "faraway land"... how charming is that?!

The day we arrived we started with cocktails, and then walked around the charming streets. I just adore the colors and patina on every building and surface. I don't think there's a single camera angle on the entire island that wont give you a perfect shot! This isn't the sort of place that makes you think "Oh, that's pretty.", it's the type of place that has you thinking "How can I LIVE here for the rest of my life?" from the moment you arrive. After our lengthy walk, we settled into our lovely B&B, had another cocktail, and ended the day with a delicious meal with delightful company and lovely conversation.... and a nightcap, of course!

Day two started at the beach bright and early! The coast of Nantucket is as magical as the rest of the island. The beach was relaxing at times, but you could also find some fun and action when you wanted to. One thing I noticed wherever I was in Nantucket was the astonishing collection of vintage and classic cars and trucks on the island!

There's just nothing so iconic and wonderfully American than a bright red pick-up truck flying an American flag on the beach!

Now, I don't want you to think we're complete lushes, but I'd be fibbing if I said we didn't enjoy a few libations on the beach.  Thankfully, our friends at Way Better Snacks made sure that we had a giant selection of their whole grain corn tortilla chips with us on the trip! I can honestly say, nothing beats cocktails, friends, and delicious snacks on the beaches of Nantucket!  The Sweet Chili chips happened to be my favorite of the weekend!

I left Nantucket knowing for SURE that I'd be back soon.  I might even find myself gracing its beautiful shores this autumn! Thank you to all the wonderful folks who made our trip a blast, and thanks to our friends at Way Better Snacks for presenting this weekend!

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