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Winter Wonderland Diorama

 Winter Wonderland Diorama

I made this beautiful diorama to use as a centerpiece on my dining table for the holiday season. I'm going to surround it with votive candles and paper whites. I think it's going ot be stunning!

You will need:
1 wooden disc, you can find these at your local craft store
Dremmel tool or a small drill
4-5 bottle brush trees with their stands removed
10-12 mini mushrooms
plastic deer
flaky sea salt
Superglue (optional)

  1. First, lay out all of your supplies.
  2. Next, begin to palce them on your wooden disc to decide your final placement.
  3. Once you've decided where everything will go, use your Dremmel and make holes to fit the trees and mushrooms.
  4. I simply placed the trees and mushrooms into the holes. If you want, you can superglue them into place. I don't use glue because I can remake this diorama for a different season and reuse the wooden disc.
  5. Next, place the deer and glue him into place if desired.
  6. Finally, sprinkle sea salt all over your scene to give the look of freshly fallen snow.

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You can really customize this project with any model trees and animals that you like. Just surf around the internet or Etsy and you'll find so much to choose from!

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