Of course you can make the weave into any traditional weaving pattern. Yarn a hole or just make a sampler, it’s a lot of fun.

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You will need:

yarn or embroidery floss (varying colors optional)


Embroidery or cross stitch fabric


  1. Start by sewing the yarn back and forth. When you turn: make a stitch, turn, make a stitch, and then do the long stitch that will be the base of your weave. This will make it more stable. Change color if you want a more complicated pattern.
  2. When you have a square, start going the other direction. Make a stitch, weave, make a stitch, turn, make a stitch, weave and so on. Depending on how you weave (over 2, under 2, or over 3, under 1) you will get different patterns. Just try it, you will see.
  3. Change the color of the yarn along the way if you like.


Watch this video to understand a little bit more about this type of embroidery and Swedish Huck Weaving: Swedish Huck Weaving Video
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