I'm sure you guys love ADVENTURE TIME as much as I do! 

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What the lump are you waiting for? It's time to D.I.Y.!

 Download templates here:

Adventure Time Adventure Time (1567 KB)

Fan Fiction Finger Puppets templates

Felt in colors corresponding to each character

    •    Finn: white, cream, pink, blue, light green, green

    •    Fionna: white, cream, yellow, blue, light green, green

    •    Jake: yellow-orange, white, black

    •    Cake: white, tan, black

    •    Princess Bubblegum: pink, yellow-orange, cream, purple, dark pink, blue

    •    Prince Gumball: pink, yellow-orange, purple, cream, hot pink, blue

    •    Marceline: black, gray, dark gray

    •    Marshall Lee: gray, black, red


Sewing needle

Sewing thread to match felt

Embroidery thread in black and red

Fabric glue


  1. Download the template and print it out.
  2. Using the templates, cut out pieces of felt in colors corresponding to each character following the list of materials.
  3. With matching thread and blanket stitch sew the main body pieces together for each character. Leave the bottom of each puppet open for your finger.
  4. When sewing Cake and Prince Gumball, make sure to sandwich Cake’s ears and Gumball’s crown in between the body pieces with a running stitch.
  5. Embroider the facial expressions onto the face pieces before adding each face to the body. For Finn, Fionna, Bubblegum, Gumball, Marceline, and Marshall Lee, use French knots to stitch their eyes with black embroidery thread
  6. Add details as indicated in the templates, with a back stitch Embroider two red dots each on Marceline’s and Marshall Lee’s necks for their vampire bites. Embroider a line down Marshall Lee’s shirt in black, and the plaid lines in gray. Embroider a little line on Princess Gumball’s neckpiece.
  7. Using fabric glue, attach each face and other details to the main body. Spread a thin layer of glue on the back of the face or detail, wait a few minutes, then add another layer. Press the piece into the body piece. Let dry completely before using.


Download the free pdf for instructions on how to make a finger puppet stage!

Photography by Tamara Staples

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