Perfect for a fine feathered Halloween!

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construction paper or sketchbook paper (white, or any other color you would like the bird’s face to be)
acrylic paint (purple, black, and orange or yellow)
coffee filters
fabric dye (Rit dye is good, in blue and red or blue and purple)
hot glue gun
white glue or glue stick
ribbon, to match the mask

  1. Fold a piece of paper in half.
  2. Draw half of a mask shape. The mask should have triangle eyeholes and jagged, pointy edges (like feathers) instead of rounded or straight lines.
  3. Cut out the mask shape and make sure it fits your child’s face.
  4. Using the acrylic paint, paint the paper mask purple with black borders around the eyes. Let paint dry completely.
  5. Cut a square piece of paper.
  6. Fold the paper in half about three or four times to form a triangle. Bend the triangle in the center to create the beak.
  7. Paint the top and bottom of the triangle a golden orange or yellow color. Let dry.
  8. Hot glue the painted beak to the bottom center of the mask.
  9. Staple ribbon on either edge of the mask so you can tie the mask around your child’s head.
  10. Mix your dye colors. (You can purchase premixed colors or mix your own.)
  11. Dip about 40 coffee filters into the dyes and lay them flat to dry on some cardboard or a plastic sheet. Let the coffee filters dry completely.
  12. Once dry, fold each coffee filter in half. Continue to fold them in half until you have folded each filter in half four or five times.
  13. Using your scissors, fringe the folded coffee filters on an angle on both sides, making sure not to cut passed the center.
  14. Unfold the filters so they are folded in half once.
  15. Glue the folded and fringed filters to the center of the mask above the eyes. You should be able to fit about four or five coffee filters in a row until the center of the mask begins to look full.
  16. Only use a small amount of glue toward the base of each filter so the “feathers” are not completely glued down. This will make the mask look fuller.
  17. Working from the center and going out toward the sides, apply more coffee filters. Cluster like colors together until the mask looks full. You can carefully fluff the fringed filters to create a fuller look.


This mask is so easy to make with inexpensive coffee filters that you dye with fabric dye to get the perfect color for your fine feathered friend!
Photography by Dana Gallagher

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