A fun variation of our Norwegian Nisse Gnome. I used boxwood for mine but any evergreens will work. You can even use fake greens for an everlasting gnome.

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You will need:
Cardboard or flower foam cone, mine is about 12” tall
Box wood
Hot glue gun
Old sweater
Rubber bands
Craft paper
Pantry hose
Cotton filling
  1. Star breaking up the boxwood into small pieces.
  2. If you use flower foam you can stick the box into the foam. If you use a cardboard cone you can hot glue the box in place.
  3. Work yourself all the way around, but not all the way to the top, leave about 4”.
  4. Cut off an arm from the sweater and measure it on the cone, you don’t want it to be too big.
  5. Fold up the end and hot glue in place, turn inside out and close the top using a rubber band.
  6. Glue a pompom to the end of the hat.
  7. Make a nose by adding some cotton stuffing to a panty hose, once it’s nice and round cut of the hose and secure with a rubber band.
  8. Hot glue nose to the cone.
  9. Hot glue a piece of sweater to craft paper and once its dried cut out two mittens.You can find templates online.
  10. Hot glue the mittens in place and add the hat. God Jul


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