Sweet bunnies and darling carrots form garlands that will make your Easter celebrations amazing!

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Pom pom maker
White yarn
Small back pom poms
White felt
Pink felt
Glue gun

Orange felt
Green felt
Glue gun
Gold and white twine
Hole punch

  1. FOR THE BUNNY GARLAND: Use a pom pom maker and white yarn to make six white pompoms. When taking off the pompom from the maker, cut sufficient string at the top for tying onto the garland later.
  2. Cut out felt ears and nose. Glue to each pom pom. Glue miniature black pom poms for the eyes.
  3. Cut a 4.5 feet long piece of yarn. Tie each pom pom onto the yarn using the string left at the top of the pom poms earlier. Once hanging securely, cut off the excess string from the top of each pom pom.
  4. FOR THE CARROT GARLAND: Cut out 6 triangular shapes from the orange felt. Free hand a carrot top design onto the green felt and cut out 6 carrot tops.
  5. Hot glue the carrot tops to each carrot.
  6. Make two holes at the top of each carrot using a small hole punch. Thread twine through.


Photography by Manal of Hello Holy Days

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