This color-stripping technique is so fun -- you'll become addicted just like me!

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I had this idea for a while, and was going to use bleach (which you totally can do but there's risk of damaging our fabric).  I recently discovered this color remover product from Rit Dye. I tested it out and just loved the effect it had—it removes the color from the fabric but somehow a little of the pattern is still left. It’s absolutely beautiful. And so super easy to do.

Rit Color Remover

Fabric or Pillow Cases (I used vintage Liberty fabric and sewed the pillowcases after)

Stock Pot


Rubber Gloves

  1. Prepare your color remover on the stovetop according to package directions.
  2. Dip a test strip of your fabric into the liquid to see your results. The process begins immediately. I keep my test strips and make a cute bunting from them afterwards.
  3. For pillowcases I folded my fabric in the middle and removed a strip of color.
  4. After you've removed the desired amount of color, rinse the fabric and allow it to dry. You could even wash the fabric if you'd like.
  5. For my pillowcases I simply measured my pillows, cut my fabric and sewed a simple pillow cover using my treated fabric.


Make sure you test out this method on your fabric before you start on your main project materials.  100% cotton fabrics work best.

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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