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This project is from my Fall 2015 issue!

Did you know you can use Rit's new synthetic dyes to dye wigs? It's so easy and the result is bright and cool. All you need is white heat resistant wigs, super easy to find online.  Here are the ones I used:WHITE SYNTHETIC WIGS

You will need:

white heat-resistant wig

Rit DyeMore synthetic dye

large pot


  1. Fill the pot 1⁄3 up with water and dye. The more dye you put in the darker the color.
  2. Heat to a boil and then lower the heat so it's just simmering.
  3. Dip your wig in for a few seconds, check the color and if you want it darker, dip it in again.
  4. Stripes can be created by dipping just parts of the wig in the dye bath.
  5. Rinse well.
  6. Hang to dry.


You can buy Rit Dyemore dyes HERE

Photography by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe

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