This little hanging plant holder is darling and it makes a great hostess gift!

This project is from my Spring 2015 issue!

Instant Download PDF: CLICK HERE

You will need:

1/4 inch copper tubing

pipe cutter

elastic string



planting vessel

pencil & paper

  1. Trace the base of your planting vessel onto paper. Use a ruler and draw an equilateral triangle around your circle.
  2. Measure the sides of your triangle. You’ll need to cut 3 pieces of copper in that size.
  3. Multiply the length of the base by 2.5 and that will be the length of your vertical pieces. You could also just eyeball this and cut 3 equal pieces if you like.
  4. Get a very long piece of elastic and thread it through 1 of your long tubes, then all of the short pieces. Next, thread it through a long piece and then double back down your first long piece and 1 of the short pieces and add your final tube. This will be intuitive when you’re doing it.
  5. Pull your elastic string tight and to form your skinny pyramid shape.
  6. Tie off the elastic at the top with a knot that will keep the elastic taught enough for the pyramid to retain its shape.
  7. Insert your planting vessel, plant something cute in it, and it’s ready to hang!


Photography by Project by Paul Vitale Photo and styling by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe

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