Based on old-fashioned pull-toys.

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You will need:
Print-outs of people, photos
paper glue
thin card board
Craft knife like Xacto
small hammer
  1. Have a photoshoot! Make sure each person stands in front of a plain wall with their arms and legs spread out. I used photoshop to cut up the different parts of the body and remove the background, but you can just have people stand in front of a white wall.
  2. Glue your print outs to thin cardboard.
  3. Cut out the pieces, you need for each doll, head/torso, 4 arm pieces and 4 leg pieces.
  4. Put the dolls together with small tacks, use a hammer on the back to bend the tacks.
  5. Tie a thin string to each elbow, shoulder, knee and hips.
  6. Let the strings meet on the lower end of the torso and tie it to one piece of truing that hangs down and that you can pull to make them dance.
  7. Put on some cool music and start your dance party!


You could skip the string and glue magnets on the back of the dolls and use them on your refridgerator!

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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