UPcycle instead of REcycle with these imaginative toys!

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You will need:


Tin cans

cardboard boxes







  1. FOR ROBOT: Wash the cans well and let them dry. Glue them all together with super glue. Allow to dry and then spray paint Beige. Allow to dry again then make computer readouts and face out of paper and glue on the robot. Now you're ready to take over the world!
  2. FOR ROCKETS: Start by making the legs on cardboard, they are 3x 1/4 circle. Using an exacto make slits on the tubes where the legs will fit. Glue them in place and then spray paint the whole thing. Make small cones in craft paper and glue to the top of the rocket. Draw designs on white paper using crayons and cut them out and glue to the rockets. Houston... we don't have any problems!
  3. Use your imagination and make whatever you like!


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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