This is the easiest egg craft and it yields the cutest results!

My friend Sarah Goldschadt came up with this wonderful craft project for easter eggs -- and it doesn't involve dye!


You will need:


card stock


clear tape

permanent marker

cottonball or mini pompom (for the bunny tail!)

EggheadsPrintables EggheadsPrintables (12 KB)

  1. Download and print the PDF printable file above.
  2. Cut out with a scissors and form a crown to fit an egg.
  3. Adhere with tape.
  4. Draw on silly faces.
  5. For the bunny, tape a tail on back!
  6. Display in an eggcup!


If you don't have eggcups, simply cut a toilet paper roll or make a ring of paper to create your own DIY egg stand!

Photography by Crafts+photos by Sarah Goldschadt

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