A delightful eucalyptus wreath with silver leaf embellishments!  It smells as good as it looks!


You will need:

eucalyptus branches

scissors or garden snips 

metal wreath ring

florist wire

glue stick

silver leafing

  1. Start by cutting up the branches and bundling them together into small bouquets.
  2. Wrap a bit of florist's wire around the stems of each bouquet.
  3. Fasten a bit of wire to the wreath form and then fasten a bouquet with the same wire.
  4. Continue around the wreath with bouquets, one overlapping the other.
  5. To embellish the leaves, simply apply a bit of glue from the glue stick to random leaves.
  6. Apply the silver leaf to the glued leaves.
  7. Brush away the excess silver leaf.
  8. Now you're ready to enjoy the wreath!


You can use this wreath ona  wall or door, or you can use it as a centerpiece with a candle in the middle.

Photography by Paul "Sweet Paul" Lowe

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