Lovely furled textures and a pretty palette make these felt pom-pom flowers a gracious addition to any tablescape.


Floral stem wire
Wire cutter
Hot-glue gun

  1. Cut as many circles as desired out of felt in various colors. You will need 6 circles to make one flower. Our project contains 1-inch, 2-inch, and 3-inch circles.
  2. Fold the felt circles in half. Stack them and hold it between your thumb and pointer finger.
  3. Thread your needle with a 20-inch piece of crochet thread and line up the loose ends. Insert the needle through the middle of each half-circle, close to the fold. 
  4. Tie all ends together in a double-knot. Cut the tying strings off each pom-pom. 
  5. Separate, fold the opposite way, and twist each half-circle. Repeat with each pom.
  6. Dab hot glue on the knot of the trying string and attach the flower pom-pom to the floral wire.
  7. Trim the floral stem wire to varying lengths.


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