Fold & Dye is such an easy technique with lovely results!

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You will need:


Cotton fabric, washed

RIT Liquid Fabric Dye

Pillow insert -- I used 18 inch inserts

Sewing machine

Iron & ironing board

  1. Begin by dying your fabric. Make lovely symmetrical dye stripes by ironing folds into your fabric and dip dying the fold side the fabric according to package directions on your RIT dye.
  2. Allow your fabric to dry.
  3. Cut squares of fabric just a little bit bigger than your pillow inserts.
  4. Place wrong sides together and sew around the edges on three sides.
  5. Turn your pillowcase right side out and stuff it with your pillow insert.
  6. Hand stitch the open end of your insert closed.


You can use premade pillow cases with the FOld & Dye technique, just be sure the fabric is cotton so it will take the dye!

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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