This charming gingerbread house is made from an ordinary brown paper bag! So much fun to make with the kids!

You will need:

Brown lunch bag
Brown card stock paper
Self-healing mat
Utility knife
Vellum paper
LED tea lights
  1. About half way down a closed paper bag, make 2 diagonal cuts to make a pointed top in the center.
  2. Draw windows and door of gingerbread house and use a self-healing mat and utility knife to cut out the voids.
  3. Cut vellum paper to fit voids and glue to inside of brown paper bag.
  4. Open bag and cut the points off the two short sides of the bag. This will ensure that your roof can sit easily on the bag.
  5. To make the roof, cut a piece of rectangle from cardstock paper to fit the top of your brown paper bag. Fold the rectangle in half to pitch the roof. For a seamless look, add a band of cardstock to the inside of the paper bag joining the two-pitched points and sit the roof on this band.
  6. Once you have the structure of your gingerbread house, decorate it with paints any way you like. When dry, open bag again and place LED tea lights inside.


Photography by Manal Aman

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