It's time to start making those christmas cards again. I'm in a glittery mood this year. The best glitter is the german glass glitter that you buy at Tinsel Trading here in NYC. They will send all over the world. The quality is just so much better then other glitter out there.

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  1. So, start with a double white card and use a light pencil and trace a pattern or a motif.
  2. Then use regular craft glue (don't buy glitter glue, it does not work that well), and a brush and paint the glue inside the motif.
  3. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.
  4. You now have a beautiful sparkly card.
  5. The tree card is made with again a double white card, rick rack ribbon cut into different sizes so that when you put then together they look like a tree.
  6. Use a sewing machine and sew threw the card and the ribbon as a trunk.
  7. And voila, you have some rather fab looking cards. Right?


Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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