This candle making technique yields the most charmingly imperfect results!

Our friend and contributor Dietlind Wolf created this wonderful project for our Holiday 2013 issue!


You will need:


wax coloring

cotton wicks

deep container to melt the wax

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  1. Melt your wax and color it if you want. You can find many videos on youtube that explain the basic melting technique.
  2. Cut a wick to your desired length and be sure to leave a lot of open space at the end because it looks amazing!
  3. Begin to dip the wick into the wax... making sure the wick is straight and vertical.
  4. Allow the wax to set after each dip, then repeat and dip and allow to set again.
  5. Continue this dipping process until your candle is the desired thickness.
  6. We like to color wax in a contrasting color and do the final few dips in the new color.


To simplify this project you could use store-bought candles and simply dip them in a contrasting color to get a handmade look!

Photography by Photos, ideas and styling by Dietlind Wolf

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