With a brand new studio in Cape Town and a new soon-to-be- launched textile collection, Skinny laMinx’s Heather Moore has been busier than ever—cutting and stitching and printing everything from table runners to gift tags, each one more gorgeous than the next. We want them all!

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Heather Moore, illustrator and designer behind the South african label Skinny laMinx, produces some of the freshest fabrics and whimsical home goods around. Be it a tea towel or apron printed with local flora and fauna (we’re crazy about her frisky herd animal motifs!) or intricately cut greeting cards depicting the Mother City’s famed mountain in delicate detail, Skinny laMinx’s beautiful Scandi-tinged designs are certain to make you swoon. you can get your hands on Skinny laMinx at their storefront in Cape town, online through Etsy, and at a growing number of retailers worldwide.

How did you come up with the name Skinny LaMinx?
It’s a nickname for our slinky little Siamese cat, Monkey, as well as a cheeky remix of the old playground chant, “Skinnymalinky Long Legs...”

What’s your design philosophy?
In general, I like design that is concise and fits its purpose. If it manages to do these things while being elegantly exuberant too, that makes me happy.

You work with multiple mediums—paper and textile being standouts. Do you prefer one over the other?
What I love about working with paper—paper cutting in particular—is the time it takes to make a thing. I seldom find unbroken periods in which to sit and work, so doing a paper cutout is a wonderful luxury for me. textiles, on the other hand, thrill me with the way that their subtle qualities like texture and drape can add to (or take away from) a printed design.

Tell us about your most recent collection.
My most recent textile collection, rough Cuts (due out in summer of 2013), manages to bring together my love of simple, clear Scandi design with african style in a way that surprises and delights me. the simple geometric shapes I’ve used in this collection read as both on-trend contemporary prints when in one context, and as earthy, textured, tribal designs in another.

What inspires you?
It’s kind of silly to say this, but I really am inspired by just about anything and everything! the holes in a piece of cheese, my dreams and desires while flipping through an IKEa catalogue, ancient rock art on cave walls, the dishes on my shelves at home... all these things are design fodder. My most recent addition to inspiration gathering is Instagram, which I find to be such a great way of noticing, documenting, and sharing things that give my inspiration button a push.

What is the best piece of advice given to you that you’d share with others?
My husband gave me a piece of advice that transformed everything for me. he told me to stop second-guessing my choices and to trust my instincts. he told me that my first decision was usually my best one. this really freed me up to trust myself, which is so important!

What’s the best part of what you do?
I love learning about how things work and how I can get them to work out for me. I am also really lucky to work with fantastic people, and generally get through my days with lots of laughs and friendly conversations.


Skinny laMinx keeps it local, with all cotton milled in Cape town and printing and manufacturing taking place onsite at itsstorefront.

Photography by Photography by Kristin Gladney

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