Paper cutting is such a fun craft, and it's so easy to do!  My friend Lova designed these BEAUTIFUL templates to make banner flags to help you celebrate a special moment in your world!

Download the free printable template here:

Hip Hip Hooray Banners Hip Hip Hooray Banners (925 KB)

This project is from my Spring 2015 issue!

Read the issue:CLICK HERE

Instant Download PDF:CLICK HERE

Get the print magazine:CLICK HERE


you will need:

Templates printed from the link above

Cardstock in your favorite colors


Craft knife

Wooden sticks



  1. Print out the templates from
  2. Tape the templates to your colored paper.
  3. Use a precision knife to cut out all the white spaces.
  4. Glue the paper flags to wooden sticks.
  5. Voila! Put the flags in a cake or flowers or simply walk around waving them!


These banners can be used as cake toppers, in flower arrangements, as flags to wave at a suprise party, and so much more!

Photography by Crafts+styling by Lova Blåvarg | Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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