Julenek is a traditional Norwegian holiday decoration that consists of a bunch of oat straw tied with a bow and displayed outside so the birds can feed off of it during the long and cold winter!

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This is a very old Nordic tradition. Every christmas we make sure that the birds outside have a holiday treat. Everyone puts up these Julenek in their gardens, and the birds come to feast on them.

Just make sure the oats are all natural, not treated in any way. Best to get them direct from a farmer and not a craft store as they often are treated at the craft store.

You will need:

A bunch of dried natural oat straw for each julenek

Beautiful ribbon

Floral wire 

  1. Grab a healthy bunch of oat straw.
  2. Wrap floral wire around the straw about 7 inches from the bottom.
  3. Tie a beautiful piece of ribbon around the straw to cover the floral wire.
  4. Secure the julenek to a fence or post with more floral wire.
  5. Fan out the straw at the top so it looks beautiful!


It's especially great to place them outside a window, that way you can see all the birds!

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