Inspired by the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, golden repair of broken pottery, I started mending both porcelain and textiles a couple of years ago.

The great thing is that besides being eco friendly, the objects often end up more beautiful than before. The Japanese discovered this in the late 15th century, as Kintsugi appeared among Japanese craftsmen. They started fixing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with golden powder, believing that the break was a part of the object's history and life, rather than something bad. The art of Kintsugi became so popular that people actually started crashing valuable pottery, just to have it mended again.

This craft is from my Summer 2015 issue!

You will need:

To make Kintsugi, either buy a lacquer Kintsugi kit from Kintsugi Supplies on or buy a porcelain glue and golden powder from an art store.

Broken pottery or dishware items to mend

  1. Mix the lacquer according to instructions in your kit, or mix porcelain glue with gold or silver powder from an art store.
  2. Brush it on, a bit thickly, on the edge where the piece is broken.
  3. Push the pieces together and the line of lacquer or glue will stick out along the break in a beautiful way. Leave it like that.
  4. Let dry and then start using your pottery again.


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