Let there be LIGHTing!

I have been obsessing about making my own lamps lately. Its so easy and so much fun.

You can buy these great vintage cord, plug and socket kits in so many places, or you can just buy one from Etsy.  Snake Head Vintage is a great source for vintage and retro lamp parts: Etsy Shop

I always use a video from YouTube to help me put the wiring together.  This one is a great example:HOW TO WIRE A LAMP


You will need:

Old bottle or vase (mine is a vintage mechanic's oil bottle with a metal top, here's one from Etsy: bottle)




screw driver


low watt bulb

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  1. Follow the video to attach the plug to your cord.
  2. Loop your cord through the top of your lamp if you're using a top like the one in the photo.
  3. Attach the socket to the cord.
  4. Let there be light!


Always be on the lookout for interesting vessels that you can use to make lamps or for other DIY projects.  I scour flea markets, garage sales and Etsy reularly!

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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