Make sure you have some basic tools like a sharp hobby knife, a good hole puncher, and also a special leather hole punch (which looks like a fork), used for making evenly spaced holes to sew through.

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You will need:
scissors or hobby knife saucer
leather hole punch
large needle
strong thread
  1. Put your iPad on a piece of leather.
  2. Mark with a pen an area 1⁄2” wider than the iPad on 2 sides and add a lid on the last side.
  3. Cut out with scissors or a hobby knife.
  4. Cut out a similar piece but without a lid.
  5. Cut a rounded piece of leather to make it easier to grab the iPad when taking it out of the cover (just trace the edge of a saucer with a hobby knife).
  6. Cut out a 1” strip to hold the lid.
  7. Punch holes with a leather hole punch tool 1⁄4” from the rim on 3 sides.
  8. Sew.


Photography by Crafts by Lova Blåvarg and Susanna Blåvarg | Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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