Kokedama is a Japanese growing technique used to create living moss-covered soil balls with plants growing in them! Presented by my friends at EcoScraps!

These kokedama ornaments will look wonderful on your tree. I love to use them on a large bottle brush tree in my office. After the holiday season I'm going to transplant the plants into pots using Ecoscraps® Potting Mix!

You will need:

small green plants

sphagnum moss

floral wire

mushroom decorations


  1. Remove plants from their containers, retaining the soil.
  2. Wet the moss a little, its easier to work with that way.
  3. Mold the soil around the roots into a small ball. Wrap the ball in moss and secure it with floral wire so it retains a round shape.
  4. Decorate with mushrooms and add a string to so it will hang from your tree. Make sure it hangs in the direction you want it to when you're adding your string.
  5. When the plants needs water simply put the whole moss ball into water and let it soak up.
  6. When the holidays are done, unwrap the soil ball and transplant the plant into pots!


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