Creative place cards will delight your dinner guests!

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You will need:
Cardstock or Watercolor Paper
Masking tape
Printouts of animal ears and antlers in appropriate scale from the internet
Craft knife - I use X-Acto

  1. Find some good images of bunny ears or antlers on the internet and print them out so that they are appropriate size for your placecards. The cards are 4 inches wide and the ears or antlers can't be taller than 1.75 inches..
  2. Cut out 4 x 4 inch squares from your heavy paper.
  3. Mark the middle of your square of paper with a pencil and your ruler.
  4. Position your printouts on your fold line and tape them down lightly.
  5. Using your craft knife, carefully cut your ears/antlers out of the top of your placecard, making sure you stop at the fold.
  6. Write your guest's name on the bottom of your placecard. I used letter stamps and an inkpad to do mine.
  7. Fold the placecards in half and put your ears/antlers up for your guests to enjoy!


You can find animal motifs in google images.

Creative place cards will delight your dinner guests!
Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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