Magically simple home decor!

You will need:

Printouts downloaded from this webpage

Tissue paper to use for the windows


Xacto Knife

Paper glue

LED votive - I love these votives from Pottery Barn.


Lova's World - Castle Lova's World - Castle (3375 KB)

  1. Download and print out the files attached to this post. Print two copies of the page for each castle you will make.
  2. Use scissors or Xacto knife to cut out four castle sides.
  3. Using Xacto, cut out the little windows from the castle sides.
  4. Cut pieces of tissue paper a little bigger than each window and glue the tissue to the back side of each castle wall to create a cute little window.
  5. Glue the four sides of the castle together.
  6. Place your new lantern over your LED votive and enjoy!


I love little LED battery power voties. They are readily available and some even flicker like real candles!

Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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