This project looks complex but is actually simple to create!

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I made one of these origami spheres when I was a kid... well, three years ago. But this time I decided to make it in shades of pink. There are a lot of different versions of modular origami spheres, but I am especially fond of this one. I used instructions from an old Swedish origami book, but I found another video tutorial here.


Once you learn to make one of the pieces the rest go very quickly!


you will need:

60 square pieces of paper - I cut my own 6"x6" squares from paper from The Paper Source but you can use pre-cut origami paper of any size if you like.

paper glue - optional

  1. Fold 60 modules, twelve each out of five different shades of pink, or any other color you like. (This is quite tedious, but oh so pretty when you’re done!)
  2. Start with the lightest color and make a circle of five. 3.This is the tricky part. Attach rings of four to each side of the five module circle, and rings of three in between each ring of four. Each ring of five should have rings of four attached to the side, each ring of three should have rings of four attached to the sides, and each ring of four should have two rings of five and two rings of three attached to the side.
  3. Every time you have used all the modules of one shade of paper, start using ones that are slightly darker. It’s okay if the shading isn’t perfect, as long as the top is light and the bottom is dark.


You don't need to use glue to do this project, but if you do it helps it stay together more permanently, especially with a sphere this large!

Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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