Make your own stamps from erasers!

From Lova: "I love stamps, and using erasers is such an easy (and cheap) way to make your own! I was inspired by my view of New York City when I made these stamps. Each stamp is similar to a building I can see from my living room window. Making a cityscape is easy using these stamps, because I can use the same building several times!"

You will need:

Erasers - these ones from Target are great

Cutting tool - an Xacto knife would work great

Ink pads



  1. Use pencil to draw some buildings (or maybe trees to make a forest) on the erasers.
  2. Carve out all the space that you do NOT want to be covered in ink. It might be necessary to carve quite deep if you don’t want any accidental marks.
  3. Use the stamps to make cityscapes on cards, gift tags or envelopes!


The great thing about making your own stamps instead of just drawing is that you can use them again, and again, and again, and you still get that handmade feel!

Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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