We were lucky enough to get Mimi Kirchner, one of our favorite textile artists, to design two felt ornaments for us. I hope you love them as much as we do!

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Visit Mimi's Etsy shop to check out her beautiful dolls and textile art pieces as well as many many more patterns! More of Mimi’s fantastic work can be found at mimikirchner.com.

To make these two amazing ornaments, download the templates via the issuu link below. The download function is inside the share tab!

You will need:



pinking shears

needle & thread

stuffing material


metallic thread (optional)

  1. Constructing the Crafty Hand: Cut out pieces: 1 Hand, 1 Heart, 1 Bandage, 1 Background oval using pattern piece.
  2. Cut second background oval (back piece) by laying the first piece on the fabric and use pinking shears to cut around, making a decorative edge.
  3. Mark embroidery lines for fingers.
  4. Center heart on palm. Pin and stitch in place.
  5. Center palm on (front) background piece. Pin and stitch in place.
  6. Embroider finger lines.
  7. Pin bandage on finger. Embroider detail lines which will also be sewing the bandage in place.
  8. Place the ornament front onto the ornament back. Pin and stitch around until there is a 1" opening. Stuff. Finish sewing closed.
  9. Attach string for hanging.
  10. Constructing the Sun and Star: Cut out one Front (Circle) piece and one Back (Burst) piece
  11. Cut the Background circle piece: to cut, lay first circle on the felt as a guide and cut around edge with pinking shears to make a decorative zigzag on the second piece.
  12. Mark embroidery lines for face.
  13. Center the 2 circles with the zigzag edging all around. Pin.
  14. Embroider face through the 2 felt layers.
  15. Embroider the points of the Burst with metallic thread if desired.
  16. Center the face (front) onto the Burst (back) and pin.
  17. Stitch around the edge of the circle until there is just a small opening. Stuff. Finish sewing closed.
  18. Attach string for hanging.


Photography by Crafts+photography by Paul Lowe; Portrait by Alexandra Grablewski

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