You can make the tree any size you like, simply print the template to size. We used the paper triangle template measuring 5” tall (not including twig). Our twig measured 3”

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You will need:
paper triangle template
small piece of linen
darning needle
jute twine thread or yarn
twig and wooden cotton reel
  1. Print template to a size you would like tree to be then cut template out.
  2. Pin template to linen and cut out 2 shapes.
  3. Stitch together with right sides out using string or yarn, (edges are left raw) leaving a section open for filling.
  4. Fill with wadding or cotton wool then stitch the opening closed using the same string or yarn.
  5. Insert a twig in base and sew a button on the top.
  6. Insert twig base into a wooden cotton reel.


Photography by Crafts+styling+photography by China Squirrel

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