Save your 3D glasses next time you see a movie!

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pair of 3-D glasses

piece of cardboard

old tweed suit jacket or some tweed material scraps


colored paper


hot glue gun

  1. Cut out a nice mask-shaped piece of cardboard bigger than the size of the 3-D glasses.
  2. Cut out eye holes in the cardboard.
  3. Use the cardboard as a pattern to cut two pieces of tweed from the old jacket and one from the felt.
  4. Scallop the bottoms of the tweed and the felt, layer them over the cardboard, and glue them into place
  5. Cut eyeholes out of the fabric, using your cardboard as a guide.
  6. Cut out a beak from yellow paper and glue it to cardboard.
  7. Cut rings from paper to make the eyes look very owlish.
  8. Glue the cardboard to the 3-D glasses.


Owl Mask made from 3D Glasses! Perfect for Halloween!
Photography by Dana Gallagher

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