Perfect for dress-up or a special occasion!

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coffee filters
mini cupcake liners
green floral wire
green floral tape
8-gauge wire
wire cutters
hot glue gun
glitter (preferably to match your flowers, but white glitter will do)
RIT fabric dye in the colors you want your flowers to be
spray adhesive

  1. Make dye baths for each color flower you want.
  2. Set up several flattened cardboard boxes as drying stations.
  3. Dip an entire package of coffee filters in all of the colors.
  4. Dip all of your cupcake liners in the various dye colors.
  5. Lay all of the coffee filters and cupcake liners on the cardboard to dry overnight. Don’t worry about inconsistencies in your colors or overlapping them to dry. This will just add texture and interesting details to the final product.
  6. Once dry, create a flower out of the coffee filters and cupcake liners by pinching the centers together and twisting until you get a full flower shape. The cupcake liners may require a bit of hot glue at the center to keep their flower shape. Be careful when using the hot glue gun to do this because the materials you are working with are very thin.
  7. Once you have a flower shape, cut a piece of floral wire to four inches and attach to the base of the flower with a bead of hot glue.
  8. Wrap the base of the flower and the wire in floral tape. If you haven’t used floral tape before, it is important to know that it adheres to itself and not to the surface you are covering. It will work best by stretching it slightly as you wrap it around the base of the flower.
  9. Continue to repeat this process on all of the coffee filters and cupcake liners until you have an abundance of flowers.
  10. Create the base for your crown by cutting the 18-gauge wire to be slightly larger than circumference of your child’s head.
  11. Bend the wire into a circle and use pliers to make loops at each end.
  12. Wrap floral wire around the whole circle leaving only the end loops exposed.
  13. Attach your flowers to the wire circle by wrapping the floral wire stems around the base until you have a full crown of flowers.
  14. Wrap the base in more floral tape as you go along attaching the flowers. This will secure the flowers in place and hide and unsightly stray wires. Be sure to trim the wire ends so none of them are sticking out.
  15. Once your crown is full of flowers, spray the flowers with spray adhesive in a wellventilated area and dust them with a light coating of glitter.
  16. Tie ribbons onto the wire loops at the opening of the crown.
  17. You can use any extra coffee filters and cupcake liners to make a little corsage or pin (using a safety pin) to add a little finishing touch on the costume!


Perfect for dress-up or a special occasion!
Photography by Dana Gallagher

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