It's so easy to create your own personal rubber stamp!

You will need:
self-carving stamp
pencil and paper
pretty paper and cloth, including marbled paper
hobby knife
carving tool
gold ink, for stamp
hole punch
  1. Transfer the picture to the stamp by pressing hard on your pencil while tracing the sketch.
  2. Redraw the image with a Sharpie on the stamp.
  3. Carve the stamp using a hobby knife and a carving tool.
  4. Stamp the bird on paper and cloth in gold. (I also used some really cute ready-made stamps from The English Stamp Company.)
  5. Glue beautiful papers, both the stamped paper and some marbled paper, to the old gift box.
  6. Punch holes in small pieces suitable for cards and added eyelets and ribbons.


Photography by Text+crafts by Lova Blåvarg | Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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