These paper flowers will bloom for you year round!

You will need:

20 Coffee filters

Green Floral tape

Green Floral wire

Cotton balls


Melted Wax

Rit Liquid Dye: Petal Pink & Yellow

Small Terra Cotta Pot



Pebbles or Stones

  1. Dye your coffee filters, 10 of each color. Let dry.
  2. Fold your coffee filter in quarters and fringe cut. To fringe cut your coffee filters start at the edge and cut away pie shaped pieces leaving behind sharp triangular points. Do so to both colors.
  3. Leaving the lighter inner petals folded in quarters cut about 1" from the bottom. Set aside bottom 1".
  4. Take a cotton ball and cut into quarters. Cover a quarter of the cotton ball using the excess inch.
  5. Cut your floral wire to 7".
  6. Attach your covered cotton ball to the wire using the floral tape.
  7. Wrap your yellow fringe around the cotton ball using the floral tape for the inner layer.
  8. Lastly, wrap your fuchsia fringe for the outer layer using floral tape.
  9. Heat the wax in a saucepan, dip the whole flower in the wax and hang to dry, this takes just a few minutes.
  10. Fill your terra cotta pot 3/4 of the way up with sand.
  11. Fill the remaining 1/4 with soil.
  12. Place your flowers in the soil/sand layers hiding their wire stems.
  13. Once all of your flowers are arranged, add your pebbles or stones to the top of the soil to keep everything in place.


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