An adorable geodesic sphere made from plastic overhead projector sheets!

This is such a beautiful project.  When I was a boy I loved to create miniature worlds, dioramas, and snow globes.  I now know that as an adult I still have this love!  This project was developed by my friend Gina at Willowday.  Visit her beautiful blog here!

Buy overhead projector sheets HERE.

Download the FREE printable template here:

Snow_Prism_Template Snow_Prism_Template (1254 KB)



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You will need:

Overhead Projector Film

Printable Prism Template

Xacto Knife

Pencil or Sharpie to trace with


Boning Tool, optional

Glue Gun or quick-drying super-glue

Hobby Snow or Paper Confetti

Plastic animal

Ribbon or string

  1. Download and print the prism template.
  2. Trace the template onto the transparent film.
  3. Unsing the exacto, carefully cut out the template.
  4. Carefully fold the transparent cut-out along all of the fold lines.
  5. Once fold lines are in place, glue each flap into place. Make sure to leave one flap open so you can fill your prism. Use your boning tool to halp you glue your flaps into place.
  6. Punch a small hole in the top of the prism and attach a loop of string to use to hang your ornament.
  7. Create scene inside snow globe by glueing the animal into position and then, filling with hobby snow.
  8. Place on tree or use as snow globes for decorations.
  9. God Jul! Merry Christmas!


You can fill your ornament with anything you like!

An adorable geodesic sphere made from plastic overhead projector sheets!
Photography by Gina Vide of Willowday

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