We are tired of trying to be perfect. Let's have some fun with punch-embroidery! 

inexpensive punch embroidery needle set
embroidery floss in your favorite colors

  1. Draw your design on the reverse of your fabric. We love to use denim because the fabric is heavy and easy to work with. We chose a splash motif, of course!
  2. Follow the instructions on your punch embroidery kit, and begin to punch your design into the reverse side of the fabric. It's so easy!
  3. We started on the outside and went around little by little until we had filled in the whole design. Alternating colors from time to time makes the design even more beautiful. Get creative!
  4. When you're finished punching, simply cut around the edges of your design and sew or pin it to your favorite sweater or jacket.


Photography by Paul 'Sweet Paul' Lowe

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