This rabbit brings some personality to any wall you hang it on.

You will need:

piece of leather, 6”x6”+extra for rabbit head
sharp hobby knife
leather hole punch
large needle
strong thread
key ring
  1. Cut a 4” wide, 2” deep half circle in the middle of the top of the leather (this is easy if you trace a saucer with a hobby knife).
  2. Fold it twice (make it overlap 1” on the backside) to make the pocket.
  3. Make holes along the bottom with hole punch.
  4. Sew.
  5. Cut out a rabbit head (circle + 2 ears) and punch 2 holes for the eyes.
  6. Put the head on the pocket.
  7. Punch 4 small holes where you want the nose, through all layers, and sew a cross for the nose.
  8. Fasten a key ring on the backside with some stitches and hang it on a screw.


Photography by Crafts by Lova Blåvarg and Susanna Blåvarg | Photography by Susanna Blåvarg

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