My obsession with straw work started years ago when I found a beautiful, handmade straw flower at a flea market in Switzerland. I wanted to learn more about this amazing craft, and a recent trip to Mexico was the perfect place to explore my obsession with mixing palm leaves and straw.

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Lovely as decor on hats, bags, or pillows.

food coloring

  1. Twine the raffia around 2 or 3 fingers to create a small bundle, and tie thread around the middle.
  2. Cut the loops at each end, and pull the raffia apart a little to create a flower.
  3. To dye the flower, simply add a few drops of food coloring to water, and dip the tips of raffia into the dye. Let dry.
  4. Sew flowers where you want them using needle and thread.


Photography by Dietlind Wolf

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