The most BOO-tiful halloween craft project!

From Leah:

"We came home from a recent walk in the Prospect Park with pockets full of red maple leaves—their ghostly shape too much for us to resist! A quick family crafting session later, we have a fright of spooks covering our dining room table."

You will need:

White paint

Black paint or permanent marker

Brushes (one wide, one thin)


  1. With the wide brush, coat each leaf with white paint. We used a powdered tempera, which allowed us to control the paints opacity, but anything from poster paint to acrylics would work. Apply additional coats as needed.
  2. Allow white paint to dry completely.
  3. Use a thin brush and black paint or permanent marker to add faces to your ghosts. If you are crafting with kids you may want to go with paint—it’s hard for little ones to control the marker pressure and not crack the delicate leaves or paint.


Photography by Leah Michaelson

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