This cute and simple bunny project is made from a pair of white socks!

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From Lova: "I love sock animals and I made this rabbit for my little sister. As much as I like soft toys with cool design, I really think that they need to be cute (and is there anything cuter than a little bunny?). I set out for a nice pair of socks and luckily, in Manhattan you can buy a pair of thick cotton socks for two dollars. Because the ears are attached with buttons, you can change them from standing up to hanging down anytime!"

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You will need:
A pair of socks
Some leather
Thread and needle
Buttons, pearls or anything you want to decorate with

  1. The bunny's head is made from the toe of one of the socks, the butt is the heel and the legs are the cuff. Start with cutting the cuff in two parts to make the legs.
  2. Turn the sock inside out and sew the inner side of the legs, but leave the feet open.
  3. Turn it outside in and stuff it with batting.
  4. Mark out the throat by hand sewing around it a few times.
  5. Mark the eyeline by sewing through the head from eyeline to neck several times, it gives the face a bit of shape.
  6. Make ears by cutting leather in a nice shape. Punch two small holes at the base of each ear, fold them and attach them to the head by sewing right through the head several times. Use buttons as stops.
  7. Sew eyes and a nose with pearls, buttons or embroidery.
  8. Close the feet openings by sewing them together.
  9. Sew arms out of the other sock and attach the same way as the ears.


You can make a scarf out of some scrap fabric and a pair of glasses out of metal wire!

his cute and simple bunny project is made from a pair of white socks!
Photography by Susanna Blavarg

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