Repurpose socks into these darling hobby horses!

This project is featured in our NEW kids issue!  Read the whole issue HERE!

You will need:

thick woolen socks

2 large buttons

yarn or floss in different colors


wooden rod, 3-4 feet

  1. Start with sewing buttons on each side.
  2. Using floss or yarn embroider eye lashes.
  3. Add the mane by sewing and tying pieces of wool/floss to the sock.
  4. Stuff the sock.
  5. Place on a rod and fasten by tying several times with yarn.
  6. Make the bridle by tying yarn around the nose and leave some extra for the reigns.
  7. GIDDY UP!


Great way to reuse orphan socks!

Photography by Alexandra Grablewski

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