Sew this lovely calico hen and enjoy her in your house all Spring! Includes a free downloadable template!

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You will need:
printer to print template
piece of cardboard
1 yard bleached natural calico or muslin fabric
½ yard white medium interfacing fabric
polyester stuffing
sewing needle
white and black thread

  1. Print out the templates, the body on an A3 sheet of paper and the remaining on an A4 sheet of paper. Cut out templates. Double calico fabric over and pin the body template to fabric. Cut out. Pin base template to remaining calico and cut out one oval base. Also use base template to cut a cardboard base.
  2. Pin remaining templates to interfacing and cut out, repeat until you have 30 feathers, 2 combs, and 2 wattles.
  3. Gather the straight side of each feather and sew a couple of stitches using white thread to hold the gather in each. Twist SWEETPAULMAG.COM | 63 the wattle a little and put a couple of white-thread stitches to hold the gather also with white thread. Pin the right sides of the hen body together, leaving base open. Machine or handsew around edges about ½" from raw edge. Stitch base to hen, leaving an opening at front of hen, about a 4" opening. Trim seams, clip points and curved hems and turn right side out. Insert cardboard oval base into bottom of hen.
  4. Stuff firmly with polyester filling and slipstitch opening closed. Hand stitch feathers onto tail section using a couple of stitches of white cotton for each, sew the wattles onto front and back of face and the comb onto each side of hen’s head. Use black cotton to stitch an eye.


Photography by Crafts+styling+photography by china squirrel

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