Another great way to upcycle an old book!

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You need:

wooden dowel or bamboo skewer

hot glue gun

piece of square cardboard for base

old book, magazine, phone book etc

pinking shears or scissors

  1. Start by preparing the stick that will be the "trunk" of your tree. Use either a sharpened bamboo skewer or a wooden dowl that you've sharpened one end of with a pencil sharpener. You need it sharp so you can skewer on each piece of paper.
  2. Glue the end if the stick to the cardboard using a hot glue gun.
  3. Start cutting out squares of the pages (I used decorative pinking shears), start with 3x3 and end with 1/2x1/2. You'll need many of each size to get a nice full tree.
  4. Skewer each piece of paper on your stick and push it all the way to the base starting with the biggest pieces first.
  5. Alternate the position of each piece of paper to create a nice layered 3-D tree effect.
  6. Finish the piece with a nice paper star!


I made the base of my tree from an inexpensive metallic gold placemat from a dollar store.

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