This is one of my favorite craft projects from the kid's issue. I loved turning simple inexpensive cardboard boxes into toys, so much fun. This one was extra fun since I collect vintage robots.
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You will need:
Two round silver tube boxes
Hot glue gun
Box cutter
Light bulb
Clear top of a container
Six coffee pods (we used Nespresso pods, but you can use bottle caps)
Water-based red paint
Water-based silver paint
1 yard soft metal wire
  1. Start by hot gluing the top flaps of the box together.
  2. Hot glue the two tube boxes to either side of the box.
  3. Cut a hole just a little smaller than the clear top lid of a container and hot glue it in place.
  4. Cut a small hole on the top of the box and hot glue the bulb in place.
  5. Hot glue the knobs onto the front of the robot head.
  6. Cut off the side flaps on the bottom of the box.
  7. Paint the light bulb red and the whole box silver.
  8. Make a small hole in both tube boxes and stick the wire in it; hot glue in place.
  9. Bend the wire to create an antenna.


Photography by Ellen Silverman

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