These precious butterflies are so easy to make and add a special touch to any room.

You will need:

Butterfly template - google "butterfly template" and you'll find hundreds




Paper glue

Vintage wallpaper

  1. Find a butterfly shape or shapes online and print out as many as you'd like. Using different shapes and sizes has a nice effect.
  2. Using paper glue, glue your wallpaper to your pieces of cardstock and allow to dry completely.
  3. Trace your butterfly shapes onto your wallpaper/cardstock pieces.
  4. Using an xacto or scissors, cut out your butterflies.
  5. Slightly fold each butterfly to give it dimension.
  6. Use wall putty to hang on a wall, or use them for cake decorations or to embellish a gift!


Use these butterflies to decorate a cake or a gift!

Photography by China Squirrel

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