This is such a beautiful idea for a halloween costume!

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branches (you can collect these with your kids as a fun activity or purchase them at your local florist)

butterfly images (cut out from a magazine or printed out from the internet)

silver glitter

hot glue gun

spray adhesive

child-size headband

hair clips or barrettes

  1. Cut your branches so that you have several very long ones and others that get smaller in size.
  2. Hot glue each branch onto the top of the headband. Be very careful and patient with the hot glue.
  3. Continue gluing until most of the headband is full of branches. The branches will be more secure the closer together they are. Try to glue on as many branches as you can fit.
  4. Once all of the branches are attached to the top of the headband (which will be the front of the crown), carefully apply a generous layer of hot glue to seal on all of the branches. Allow glue to dry completely.
  5. In a well-ventilated area, spray the base of the branches with spray adhesive, and quickly cover the sprayed area with silver glitter. Work in sections so the spray adhesive doesn’t dry before you can apply the glitter. (Also, spray adhesive will make everything around it very sticky, so be sure to protect your workspace.)
  6. Once the base of the branches and headband are covered in glitter, select areas higher up on the branches to spray with adhesive and cover with glitter. This should look like a dusting of snow on the branches.
  7. Take your cut-out butterflies and fold them in half.
  8. Using a bead-sized amount of hot glue, glue the butterflies all over the branches for a whimsical look.
  9. Lastly, hot glue the barrettes to the inside of the headband so the crown can be secured onto your child’s head.


This is such a beautiful idea for a halloween costume!
Photography by Dana Gallagher

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